TeloBase is a curated database containing computationally predicted and experimentally confirmed telomere sequences of species across the whole tree of life.

The curation of new sequences is peer-reviewed by current members of the TeloBase community. To join the TeloBase community, you need to make a contribution to the database that is accepted by current members.

If you are an author or co-author of a work that is part of our database and want to become a member of the TeloBase community, please do contact us.


If you used our database in the research, please do cite:

In progress...


Have you encountered any error? Do you have any suggestions or a feedback?

Do not hesitate to contact us: telobase@email.cz

Have you predicited or confirmed telomere sequence?

Please, consider sharing your findings and apply them to the TeloBase.

Have you found an article confirming or predicting telomere sequence that is not yet in TeloBase?

Please, consider applying these findings to our database and become a member of the TeloBase community.


01/02/23 - TeloBase was launched


TeloBase is running on the servers of Core Facility Bioinformatics of CEITEC Masaryk University, Brno.
Development was supported by the Czech Science Foundation, project 20-01331X, and Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic, INTER-COST project LTC20003.

Telobase is utilizing following packages:

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